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An administrative assistant is such a demanding position when a person should perform administrative tasks for such organizations as medical offices, high schools, private companies, governmental organizations, and other legal offices. As you see, such candidates are needed for almost every sphere. Generally, it is treated as an entry-level position; however, some organizations may require specific industry knowledge.

So, it is highly important to review a particular company’s requirements before writing an administrative assistant resume cover letter. Please, don’t hurry up and be really attentive to details because it is the initial proof that you can be a great candidate for the opening. The administrative assistant should be a really attentive person with a practical set of mind and specific skills that we will discuss further in the review.

What Are the Basic Skills Which Are Required for Applying Resume Cover Letter for Administrative Position?

Like every position, this one has lots of requirements that every applicant should be aware of. As a rule, such skills are mentioned in the job descriptions, but some companies might omit this important data. The basic skills to apply for an executive administrative assistant resume cover letter are:

  • Computer literacy. Such candidate’s major duties are connected with computer work, so database understanding, word processing, and knowledge of spreadsheet software is a must;
  • Organizational and time-management skills should definitely be mentioned in the resume cover letter for an administrative position;
  • Attentiveness towards details. As this position can be monotonous, it’s highly important to have a good concentration level and complete everything without any errors;
  • Numeric skills. Except for all the above-mentioned duties, this position is also connected with bookkeeping responsibilities;
  • Problem-solving. It will be ideal if you can prove it with some examples.
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Administrative Assistant Responsibilities

Sometimes applicants who meet the position’s requirements are immediately sending their resume without even reviewing at least a couple of responsibilities. For you not to face the same misunderstanding, we highly recommend checking the beloved discussed duties before proceeding to the example of a cover letter for resume administrative assistant.

The usual responsibilities include:

  • replying to emails, texts, and phone calls;
  • creating computer records;
  • coordinate appointments and greet visitors;
  • booking cafes, accommodation, and flight tickets.

There were only a couple of things that a usual administrative assistant should be prepared for. Each company can add or exclude some responsibilities, so it is an extremely individual thing that should be checked in the job description before writing a resume cover letter example administrative position.

What Information Should Be Included in the Cover Letter?

There are so many different administrative assistant resume cover letter templates online that sometimes it may be really hard to determine the right one. Before you start writing, please carefully review a job description and write out some of the major points a company is searching for. As a rule, they are highlighted so you won’t waste lots of time reading useless administrative assistant resume cover letter samples.

The best possible recommendation is to understand the requirements and specify only those facts which an employer is searching for.

Resume Cover Letter Example, Administrative Position

Once you are familiar with the basic info, let’s proceed to a more practical thing – an example of resume cover letter for administrative assistant position.

Subject: Administrative Assistant – Gannet Green

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing because of the opening for the position of administrative assistant at GDA Company. I strongly believe that my level of knowledge and practical skills make me an ideal candidate for this particular position.

I have dissent experience in most aspects of such an administrative job rather. For a recent couple of years, I have been mainly responsible for scheduling appointments, maintaining records, accounting, and purchasing stocks.

While I have been working as an assistant for the GMB Institution, I had a great chance to cooperate with the market department and improve my leadership skills. My major responsibilities during the last five years were mainly connected with interacting between the departments.

My writing skills are on the highest level because I have been editing and proofreading daily correspondence. This thing has also helped to evolve my critical thinking and time management.

I would definitely appreciate the chance of meeting and discussing this position. Thank you for the time!


Gannet Green

[email protected]

(888) 333-3454

We hope that this sample was helpful and rather informative for you! If you need other resume cover letter examples for administrative assistants, there are so many texts online that you can review and create the best possible variant for you. However, please remember one thing – your cover letter should be unique and include all the requirements or at least most of them, which were mentioned in the initial job description. You should practically prove that you are the ideal candidate among a huge variety of other people who are also applying for the same position.

Good luck with your applications and future career growth!

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