What Should A Good Basic Cover Letter Include?.

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Basic cover letters are used as a great structure to apply absolutely for any kind of job opening. Just take a usual sample and add some personal details, experience, skills, and you will get the best possible variant.

If you are searching for a job right now, this article can be really helpful because you will learn how to create a simple and at the same time convincing basic cover letter format that you can quickly adapt to any new job posting that you have found. Just review this article, and you will always be the best candidate for any position. There is nothing difficult in this writing, all you need to know will be discussed easily, and additionally, you will receive a couple of practical recommendations. Moreover, at the end of the article, you can find a completed sample cover letter to use as an example of a basic structure for your future letter.

Basic Recommendations About Writing Simple Cover Letter For Resume

Sometimes people try to simplify the job search process and skip extremely important steps. They think a resume means more than this unnecessary cover letter. However, usually hiring managers start by checking this short self-description where all the enthusiasm and interest in this particular job opening are noticeable. When there is no cover letter, or it is poorly-written, you have extremely low chances for success.

This process of writing a simple cover letter for a resume won’t take you too much time. Just follow the below-mentioned tips, and that is it.

  • Try to be extremely direct and specific while writing the opening sentence. It should show your motivation and reason for applying for this particular job.
  • Spend some time and use the real name of the person you are writing to. Please, don’t use such a standard phrase as “Hiring Manager”. This information can be easily found online.
  • Mention all the competencies with some examples of how all this influenced your job, and when summing up, you should better mention that you are the best possible candidate.
  • Show your confidence and extreme enthusiasm for this particular position.
  • A good basic cover letter should be finished with a request for a meeting, interview, or any additional details according to the position.
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What Major Skills Must Be In The Simple Cover Letter For Resume?

Of course, some specific skills should be included, but there is a set of competencies considered to be standard for most of the jobs. Most employers will pay attention to them while reviewing your basic cover letter format.

Each of us usually has all these skills. However, their level may be individually rated. While reviewing all the skills, please recollect the situation when you have shown this particular competency during your work.

  • Problem-solving;
  • Communication skills;
  • Motivation;
  • Organizational skills and planning;
  • Teamwork;
  • Flexibility or integrity.

As you probably understand, these were mentioned only the main skills mentioned in every basic cover letter template. If you want to add something personal, you can totally do it. This individuality won’t spoil the cover letter, even on the contrary.

Format Of The Basic Cover Letter Sample

All basic cover letter examples, as well as resumes, should be formatted accordingly. Of course, you can think that this part is unimportant and who pays attention to this when the candidate has a perfectly matching experience. Well, maybe you are right, and if you are just the best candidate, no one will pay attention to some small details. However, if you have not enough experience or your level of education isn’t relevant, such a small thing can show your attentiveness and add a couple of points to your application process.

A basic cover letter outline should have the same font as your resume, usually something basic and easy for reading, such as Verdana, Arial, or Calibri. Its size is also rather standard, between 10 and 12 points, and uses standard margins of the page.

A simple resume cover letter template should be spaced appropriately. Please add spaces between paragraphs, header, signature, and closing. In such a way, the manager can quickly review that part of your letter that he/she is mainly paying attention to.

Some companies may send specific requirements or even a basic cover letter sample. Don’t neglect these guideless and adjust everything according to these requirements. Sometimes, it is needed to reorganize the parts of your cover letter to meet the standards and the structure of the sample you have received.

Simple Resume Cover Letter Examples

Name of applicant:







Name of Hiring Manager:




Dear Mr. Goldwin,

I was delighted to find your job post for the position of Secretary on https://coverletterforresume.com/. I am sure that my previous experience and education level perfectly fit all the listed requirements for the ideal candidate. Here are my skills that will prove my qualification for this particular job opening:

  • Excellent computer skills with a deep knowledge of MS programs, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Pushbullet.
  • 5 years of experience in the administrative sphere.
  • My problem-solving skills have effectively influenced the final result of every project that I’ve completed.
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written, helped me to complete all my repost quickly and successfully, develop presentations, and draft important correspondence.
  • Planning and organizational competencies have helped with accomplishing a couple of projects at a time while meeting the deadlines.
  • A good team member who can bring extra enthusiasm even during the most stressful situations.
  • Work under pressure and still be a productive and initiative worker.

I strongly believe that my previous experience will be helpful for your organization, and I’ve added my resume with full information about the companies I was working for and some additional skills. I will be very glad to discuss everything about this position at your first convenience.

Thank you for the review and looking forwards to your feedback!



Janna Green

Summing Up

As noticeable from this and other simple resume cover letter examples, there is nothing difficult creating an appropriate letter. All you need to do is a little investigation about the company, review the job posting, and add those important requirements to your letter. Ideally, the company’s requirements that are also mentioned in your resume should be highlighted in the cover letter. In such a way, the hiring manager will definitely notice these skills or that particular experience.

Don’t waste your time on hesitations, and if you have no idea what to start from, it is better to check a couple of other resume cover letter examples simply. This will give you additional inspirations and ideas to develop both in your resume and cover letter.

Hope this review was helpful for you!

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