Logical Points On How To Format A Cover Letter With Examples

Success is a delicate matter that is based on fundamental but very important points. A structured approach and careful preparation for each stage are crucial. For this reason, it is necessary to determine the motive for the search for the planned work (why this specific area is picked and the reasons to apply for this particular work). At this point, it is high time to start writing the resume and cover letter format 2020.

The employment process is not a simple thing that takes a large amount of time and lots of effort. 80% of success depends on the quality of the CV and letter. The first impression that matters. Both resume and cover letter influence the applicant’s further status: whether the candidate will be called, whether he/she will be invited for a personal interview, or could be rejected. But for your application to be remembered, you should remember the importance of following the professional resume cover letter format tips.

Each paper should have appropriate volume (more than 1.5 pages the employer does not read) and be easily readable (Font, size, indents, paragraphs – must be consistent). To add more, everything should be compliant with grammatical and spelling rules having a well-organized structure. Quality and details matter more than the quantity of text.

While preparing for the application makes the candidates ask questions, they often would like to receive details and advice on how to format a cover letter correctly, following all the requirements. Get useful detailed tips with this article and receive papers that will impress employers.

The Basics of Resume Cover Letter Format

A cover letter is a detail of great importance many people tend to neglect. If the person wants the CV to be remembered, it will not be superfluous to attach a cover letter to it. Such a trifle will emphasize the candidate’s interest in this specific job and this particular company once again. Furthermore, this is an additional opportunity to indicate the full name with contact information. A cover letter to a resume is a letter to the employer. The applicant has the opportunity to declare themselves as a potential candidate for an open position in the company and interest the employer in considering his own resume. It needs to follow the basic resume cover letter format.

To tell the truth, a cover letter is not a mandatory aspect, but it will be an additional advantage of the candidate when selecting for an open vacancy.

Simple secrets of letter format for resume cover letter:

  • Literacy. In general, it is difficult to persuade a Manager if the word “doubt” is written, losing some letters. All in all, what we are talking about if the job-seeker avoids proofreading the texts?
  • Minimalism. Frankly speaking, no one wants to spend their valuable time reading too long texts. So check whether your paper has a length of half of a page. Half a minute is a period for the employer to understand whether you are a suitable candidate or not.
  • Interest. If we’re talking about the perfect cover letter, then, of course, it should be job-specific. A person sending the same letter without any changes to every vacancy could hardly impress the manager. The right approach attracts employers. Show it.
  • Recommendations. Big corporations, as well as small firms, tend to ask whether job-seeker has some reference letters. The one who is ahead of the recruiter and delivers such type of data at once becomes one of the top candidates for the position.

Draw attention to the most significant components of every letter. Searching for resume cover letter format free download? Here it is possible to get such.

Every letter has its things to be included. So, remember that all letters rise with Contact details with the date. Supply the essential data such as Name and Surname, place, phone number, email address, and date.

For example: 

„Jim White


[email protected]

August 1, 2020”

The next part is a welcome one, meaning the greeting of the HR- manager you are corresponding to. If the person of the writing is known, please do not fail to mention them. The possible variants of greetings are: “Dear Sir/Madam”, “Dear Mr./Mrs. Watsons”, “Dear HR Manager”, etc.

The introductory passage is the beginning of your writing. As a rule, it indicates the job that is being applied for with the sources where you get to know about the vacancy. This aspect is desirable to mention so that the employer makes sure the application is in the right place. Get the manager’s trust, thanks to the right statement of the aims. For instance, the following structure could be used:” I am interested in the vacant position “Financial Manager”, which I saw on the website of the Conyr company.

The central part represents your hard and soft skills. Describe everything the employer might like and the experience that is vital to continue the career. Don’t forget to mention three grounds for the necessity of your hiring. For example:” I am a hard-working person, who quickly master new skills. I am fluent in Chinese and English”.

The closing paragraph is the last one. Its aim is to acknowledge the employer for attention and time. For instance, “I would appreciate reading my resume. End everything with “Sincerely” or “Faithfully” together with your name and surname.

Useful Tips Concerning Cover Letter Format 2021

A cover letter is the chance to stand out from other candidates with relevant experience. The main purpose of writing a cover letter is to convince a recruiter to open and read your resume. The presence of it also indicates a serious intention of the future employee. Following a simple resume cover letter format is crucial while preparing the documents.

Do the research. Focus on the company you will be writing to and their open position. To have it done, it is required to search deeply using Google. A company’s website can provide a wealth of information about its products, services, and important initiatives. Spend enough time to read as all the nuances and data that are known about the picked firm. Demonstrate that you are up to date with the latest projects, acquisitions, and public announcements.

Cover Letter Font

Choosing the font that corresponds to the general resume cover letter format, remember picking clear ones, such as Arial or Calibri. The simpler, the better. No decorative fonts are a must. Size should be so convenient that a reader won’t need to squint. It could be 10-12 for great readability.

Spacing Within Your Cover Letter

Appropriate spaces are important and should be put in the right places:

  • Simple space is a must while writing;
  • Put spaces between every section, but avoid them starting the paragraphs;

Length Guidelines

As a rule, a cover letter is no more than one page long and consists of three or four paragraphs. In the first passage, it is necessary to introduce yourself and state the aims for writing the letter; in the second, describe the professional skills. In the third, answer the question of why you are the right candidate for the vacancy. According to the job application cover letter format, the last paragraph should necessarily contain a call to action: ask the addressee to schedule an interview for you and provide the contacts.

Margins and Alignment

The resume cover letter format requires not only logical structure but specific margins and alignment. The former should be 1-inch, while the text needs to be aligned to the left side. The only information in a concise form should be mentioned in your cover letter. Imagine that you only have 15 seconds to convince an employer to meet with you. What would you tell him? Paste this into the cover letter. Recruiters are too busy to read long essay-like cover letters. Therefore, divide the text into small paragraphs, using a bulleted list if needed.

File Format

When all parts of the letter are prepared and checked, it is necessary to save them in the appropriate format. Make sure you choose one of the formats which are doc or PDF. To add more, rename the letter for it to have a logical name. For example, Mary_White_cover_letter.pdf. This will make it the recruiter easier to download it.

Resume Cover Letter Format Examples Of Cool Quality

Wanna get acquainted with resume cover letter format examples? The two great ones here to know how the perfect version of such a paper looks like.


Mary Johnson


[email protected]

August 4, 2020


Dear Mr. Levingston,

I would like to direct my application for the Main Chef vacancy as listed in the Green Gazette and the website devoted to the work search.

My CV verifies that I have significant practice in the serving field. For seven years, I have been performing at Black Mountain Steakhouse as a chef. My previous positions as Food Management Assistant at Wilnus College, where I dealt with clients for three years, provided me with the appropriate expertise and knowledge to become the top chef at one of the best restaurants like Beef Fillet.

After reading the requirements described in the job ad, I can confirm that I will meet all the norms and standards crucial for this:

  • Received the Diploma of the Third Level in the Art of Culinary. Ability to perform well despite stress conditions;
  • Reliable and responsive;
  • The amazing team as well as an independent player.

In case you have some questions, do not hesitate to contact me by phone on my resume or by [email protected]. I will be glad to participate in both online and offline interviews.


Mary Johnson

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