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Over the past few years, a unique resume cover letter has become a must-have for employment. Some HRs won’t even open a job seeker’s CV if they haven’t written a cover letter. In this regard, employment specialists advise you to always submit such a letter, even if this requirement is not spelled out in the vacancy. This helps to highlight the CV among others, achieve the specialist’s real image, and show uniqueness, impressing the manager.

“Why should I write to an employer and what is a cover letter?” is a common issue of the great number of candidates. A cover letter for a resume is a small text (less than half A4) that the job-seeker attaches together with the CV by email. Typically, the letter is not addressed as a separate file attachment but as part of the email body. If the CV is sent through the job portal, then, as a rule, the person is provided with a letterhead.

The person is desired to “sell” himself in a great way presenting all the advantages, expertise, and interest. Who should write a letter to the employer? In general, everyone should consider creating a cover letter for a resume. But its presence is especially valuable in three cases:

  • if a person presents the CV without work experience. Generally, this type of person has nothing to boast about. All they need to do is describe their desire to work and get experience.
  • if the person wants to switch to another field of work and presents a resume to a position for which there is not enough experience. In this case, the letter is an opportunity to show the motivation, to describe the desire to change the field, and what experience/knowledge you already have to work in a new profession.
  • if a person applies for a distinct position in a large international company. Managers in such companies pay attention to how the candidate presents himself.

Crucial Aspects to Remember While Writing a Resume Cover Letter

There is no standard template for a cover letter, but it is available to find professional resume cover letter examples below. What is crucial to describe in the cover letter? The main thing is answering three basic questions in the text. The first thing to include is the answer to the “Who are you?”. The second question sounds like” Why does the company need you as an employee? And the third one – “Why is this company appropriate for you?”.

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Keep in mind that a professional resume cover letter is not a simplified version of the CV. It is more personal and allows uncovering nuances that are not shown on the other paper. Thanks to it, everyone could draw the employer’s attention to strengths. To add more, it’s an extra opportunity to persuade the future employer that you are the most suitable person, despite having a lack of experience or qualifications. In an ideal cover letter, show that you are interested, active, and willing to work for the company.

What Should Be Mentioned in a Good Cover Letter for a Resume?

  1. Directness and plainness

The cover letter should be plain and logical. The letter should not be more than half a page. It is required to state the best qualities clearly and concisely.

  1. A little about personal

Include in your paper not only the expertise but also your personality aspects – activity, desire for success, and constant development. This will complement a positive impression. Write down succinctly those traits that are not mentioned in the CV. The employee needs to understand the advantages of cooperating with you clearly.

  1. Enthusiasm

Make sure the interest in this particular company and vacancy is emphasized. Read a resume cover letter template free to master the process of writing. So, if you shine and full of knowledge concerning some projects of the firm, you will be invited to an interview as one of the best candidates.

  1. Vivid style

Avoid complex constructions and too long pleases. Pick a light style and lively expression for the text. Write on your own. This thing is best accomplished by imagining that there is a conversation with the future employer. At the same time, they have moderation in everything and follow the business style.

  1. List of references

If the person is willing to be a part of a big company, HR will most likely ask to provide reference letters from previous workplaces. Suppose the candidate gets ahead of such a request and includes this information while writing a resume cover letter. In that case, it will immediately add a plus to the candidacy and increase the chances of getting an invitation for an interview.

  1. Individual approach

More than a CV, a cover letter requires to be unique for each position the person sends an application for. This takes some time to prepare. Before starting the writing process, try to get to know the things and types of people the company is searching for. Read the requirements carefully and write down the most basic ones. Match them to your skills and pay attention to them (include some supporting examples!). Use so-called “keywords” in your cover letter – the main terms used by the company to describe the candidate’s requirements.

Virtual Sample Cover Letter for Resume

Mind that a sample cover letter for resume is an important thing. Here you could get acquainted with one of the efficient letters.

Sarah Lord


[email protected]

July 29, 2020

Dear Mrs. Cooper,

I am writing to ask you to consider my resume for the vacancy of an assistant analyst.

I am very pleased to be part of the competition for a position in a company like Pandora, which is included in the list of the 50 largest private companies in the USA and is one of the greatest producers in consumer goods daily demand.

To my mind, I am a suitable candidate and will be able to easily manage the duties written in the description of the vacancy. That’s why:

  • I can analyze a large amount of information in the context of solving diverse problems. I like working with numbers, in exact disciplines, I had high scores at the university.
  • I try to find non-standard solutions in order to improve quality while reducing the time spent on completing tasks.
  • I know the basics of business correspondence, ethics, and the culture of business communication.
  • English proficiency level – Upper-Intermediate, I can translate and adapt texts.
  • An advanced user of MS Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, I can make presentations, analyze, and visualize data in Excel.
  • A high level of self-organization, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills will help me become a helpful assistant.

I would be grateful to you for reading my resume. Thank you in advance for your time.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Lord

Essential Resume Cover Letter Template

While writing a cover letter for resume examples is a cool idea to read. All of them are common in the 5 “yes” rules to follow. They are:

  • Follow the standards of the official style. Letters, like a resume, are business documents. So to write them officially and try to avoid colloquial phrases and everyday language. Creativity can only be encouraged in exceptional cases.
  • Declare yourself. List the benefits that will set you apart from others (some unique type of education, an internship abroad, a high level of knowing foreign languages, etc.).
  • Initiate contact. Finally, add the phrase “Thanks in advance for your answer” or “I will be happy to answer all your interview questions.” Also, it will not be superfluous to thank the vis-a-vis for their time. This is the way to show yourself as a polite and educated person.
  • Be honest. If there is not enough experience in the area, but a great desire to develop skills, show the HR manager’s interest.
  • Check all the mistakes. It is great to reread the text more than once, if in doubt, how to spell a word, look into the rules, or let the proofreader has an eye on it. Who wants to be refused because of stupid mistakes?

A nicely-written resume cover letter template below includes all the required constitutes and helps the candidate to represent himself in the best way. 

Eliza Statham


[email protected]

August 1, 2020

Dear Mr. Green,

I am interested in the vacancy of an office manager posted on your Facebook account, and I want to be part of the competition for its replacement.

After examining the stated requirements, I concluded that I am a suitable candidate for this position. I am a specialist in the administration department having a higher education teacher of English, the benefits of the cooperation with me are the following:

  • Higher education;
  • Spoken and written English;
  • Confident use of PC: MS Office package (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.), office equipment;
  • Honesty, responsibility.

My work experience (more than 2 years) includes working with documentation and communicating with a team and clients. I worked as an office inspector in a bank, translated contracts, made foreign telephone conversations. I worked as a consultant for banking products, and my responsibilities included: consulting clients, accepting documents, processing documents for a loan, maintaining a customer database, customer service by phone on loan applications received through a call center and the Internet).

Therefore, I would like to ask you to review my CV and, if you are interested, schedule a time for a personal interview.

Yours faithfully,

Eliza Statham

Constructive Resume Cover Letter Examples

Resume cover letter examples 2020 show that it is desirable to avoid unnecessary information that is not directly connected with the vacancy. Your paper is desired to be a comprehensible description of the greatest strengths, avoiding too much personal information or household habits.

Take into account that at all times that the firm first and foremost would like to know the benefit received, thanks to dealing with you. This is something to remember, even when talking about your expectations of the job. Even though the resume has details of the contact data, repeat them once in the letter itself.

To present a perfectly-written paper with an understandable presentation of the achievements, expertise, advantages of future cooperation and, get acquainted with the so-called SMART principle and resume cover letter examples. This is a well-known method of setting “smart” goals, which can be an excellent helper in your writing as well. It is built on 5 basic principles, which are the next:

  1. S (Specific). Eliminate common expressions from the letter. Be specific about the expertise and accomplishments. Forget about “I am a motivated professional” phrases. Write more precisely: “I have been working in sales for over 15 years. Last year, I managed to increase sales by 55 % by successfully implementing a new CRM system that generated more data on customer behavior.
  2. M (Measurable). Try to use the maximum number of measurable categories in your letter—for instance, numbers, percentages, terms, etc. Simply put, if you managed to increase site traffic at your previous job by 30%, do not forget to indicate this. Precise numbers are much more convincing to an employer than just words.
  3. An (Attainable). Forget mentioning something you cannot achieve. Concentrate on the good points. Describe specific goals, not fantasies. Read some professional resume cover letter samples to master writing, knowing all the nuances.
  4. R (Relevant). Mention that data, which is vital for the company, and describe you from the best side. The involvement in traveling or the accomplishments in yoga is of no interest to HR.
  5. T (Time-bound) – limited time. This is another element that will help fill the letter with specificity. Indicate the time frame for which you were able to achieve certain results. This is the way to demonstrate how effective your work can be.

Wanna download a sample cover letter for resume? The first step is also referring to content. Be aware of the most appropriate one for the type of writing and the aspects to mention.

  • Greeting. Impersonal documents always play out personalized documents. If you do not know the exact person you need to contact, use the universal phrase like «Dear ..”. Beware of informal addresses;
  • Main part. Its passage is supposed to describe the answers referring to the three questions mentioned above. The next data is desired to be covered: a) specify the source of getting information concerning the vacancy (avoid this if applying with the assistance of the recruiting portal); b) mention the desirable position; c) explain the perspectives of benefits you could gain thanks to it (brand-new types of assignments, endless self-realization, a final product that attracts, etc.), avoid talking about the ambitions at this moment; d) describe the expertise that is not on the CV, but will be beneficial for this specific type of position; e)useful additions to the resume: prove the sufficiency of experience presenting different cases, explain the negative moment in the resume if such is written;
  • Final phrase. Do not fail to thank for the time and attention spent reading the papers and showing the interest in having a conversation, online or offline interview, and providing answers to all the necessary questions;
  • Parting. As the letter will be read not by a robot but by a person with feelings, do not fail to say goodbye correctly. Quite relevantly neutral: “Sincerely …” or “Best regards.”;
  • Contact details. It is a nice idea to repeat them: only, in this case, copying of already provided data is appropriate.

Make sure each passage has a length of about three sentences and start everything logically. Find free resume cover letter examples below.

Antonina White

+ 48368-487-067.

[email protected]

December 15, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was interested in the vacancy in the accounting department, which I have seen in the newspaper “Employment” dated 12/12/2019. My experience in tax and accounting makes me think I qualify for this position. Due to the gained experience in accounting and tax one in the children’s clothing business, I consider myself a suitable job-seeker for the vacancy.

For a period of 5 years, I performed as an accountant dealing with tax for two firms.

The duties comprise filing various kinds of information and ensuring the reports, and everything follows the rules of authorities. If any of the reference letters are required, I could provide them promptly.

I would be grateful for your valuable time spending on the reading of my CV. I appreciate your attention and would be happy to come for an interview.

If necessary, please contact me via phone at + 48368-487-067.

Yours sincerely,

Antonina White

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