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A finance-related sphere is highly attractive and competitive at the same time. There are many ambitious people working there and many people of such kind wish to enter this field. If you are among such people, you are probably reviewing a couple of good job openings in this course. Cover letters matter a lot in this case as they provide the description of skills, experiences, and achievements that can open the door for an interview. Definitely this effect can be ensured only provided that an applicant addresses all of them appropriately. In this article, you will find tested tips about how to draft a workable financial advisor resume cover letter.

Starting Points for Crafting a Professional Financial Advisor Cover Letter

An individual approach and tested writing practices are the two most meaningful writing points for crafting a truly professional financial advisor cover letter. In this program, there are valuable considerations that are worthy to emphasize:


  • Treat this cover letter drafting as an opportunity for self-reflection
    Drafting this document is a perfect option to ask yourself many questions and revise some points about yourself. Asking the right questions may serve well in this course. Who am I? What are my objectives and aspirations for now? What strengths and weaknesses do I have? What do I wish to pursue thanks to submitting an application for a concrete job opening? What are my tactic and strategic objectives for development and growth?
    Take a blank paper and answer all these and maybe other crucial questions in this program. This opportunity will definitely help you to address all issues in a more precise, clear, and also fair way. You will review all job openings more precisely after such a self-reflection round for sure.


  • Find more about the enterprises you are interested in and wish to join
    Each company has its vision, goals, mission, and standards of operation and hiring people. Review the website of a target company. This will be surely noticeable from your CL and definitely will be appreciated. This shows your interest and dedication to a concrete job opening and a company.


  • Analyze a target job opening precisely
    Be attentive to the expectations and preferences of a target employer. Review your profile critically. Ensure the most significant facts and points from your CL and job description coincide. Be attentive to the keywords of a job description and insert those in your CL respectively.


  • Understand the structure
    This means that information should not be intermingled. The task is to form a clear and coherent structure of an application letter. Create a clear introduction, distinguish the main part of a document, and form a good conclusion for it. All sections should be obvious to notice and distinguish. This facilitates the effort of future reviewers a lot and shapes a truly professional financial advisor cover letter.

Let’s  Speak about Financial Advisor Cover Letter Must-Haves

Crafting an application letter is always an individual task where lots of nuances that are expected to be addressed. Still, certain financial advisor cover letter must-haves are desired to be present in any case:


  • Shape your cover letter as a personal one
    Include some facts about your strong sides or showcase the successful results of your past performance. Customize your cover letter to a concrete company, and avoid generalizations in this program.


  • Interrelate your resume and cover letter
    If your resume contains any gaps and omissions, take the chance to fulfill those using a cover letter. Address and describe those gaps to create a clear and coherent story.


  • Add some hooks to your cover letter
    It is an appropriate thing to add some intrigue to your professional cover letter to make a user interested in further reading, like telling about the most important skill at the start but showcasing it after reviewing other skills important for an employer. This will keep a reader interested for a long time. Another good example is to indicate some figures and results of your past performance.


  • Write in a convincing and confident manner
    It is an important thing to pick strong words. They can persuade the readers that a suggested candidacy surely deserves to be invited for further negotiations. Avoid using some commands. Instead, be cheerful and purposeful.

Best Action Verbs for a Financial Advisor Cover Letter to Make It Strong

To make future reviewers interested in assessing your application further, you should always pick the right and always strong words for your professional cover letter. These samples will surely serve well for this purpose:

  • Performed
  • Fulfilled
  • Accomplished
  • Administered
  • Delivered
  • Computed
  • Managed
  • Balanced
  • Researched
  • Analyzed

Insert these probably the best action verbs for a financial advisor cover letter in your cover letter.

Structure and a Cover Letter Text

Many applicants are wondering about how to develop the best structure of a professional cover letter, how to customize a ready draft, what things to include and what to omit.

Truly the best format of a cover letter that is balanced and includes the most important points at the same time covers these sections:


  • Header
    Place your contact details and highlight those effectively. There should be placed your name, contact information, and occupation. Make those distinct by applying distinct fonts. Avoid being too flashy at this point. But, still, take a chance to make yourself distinct among the dozens or even hundreds of similar applications.


  • Greetings
    The main goal of a professional cover letter is to start with a professional tone. It is a common and tested thing to indicate Mr. or Ms. and add the last name of a person you are referring to. Generally, this is a hiring manager. If you don’t know the exact name of a person who will review your application, it is acceptable to indicate a work position title. Still, apply some extra effort in this course. Research more on the matter. LinkedIn and the company’s website may serve more than well in this course. If you are highly motivated for a target job opening, it is also a workable idea to call your target organization. Ask a receptionist who is in charge of recruitment in this case for more details.


  • Intro
    The main goal for this part of a professional cover letter is to motivate a recruiter to read this letter further. In this section, you may easily show your motivation, love, and dedication to a certain field. What is equally important is to express why you are willing to join this exact company and make a smooth pass to the main section of your application letter.


  • Main part
    The section is designated to showcase TOP important skills, competencies, and accomplishments. If we speak about finances, recruiters expect to see things about money. Focus on tangible results of your preceding performance and abilities that can make a difference for a future employer. An ability to collaborate with people also matters a lot. Make these samples and the expectations of your employer coincide. Indicate only things that are relevant in this course.


  • Conclusion
    Summarize the content indicated previously. Remind briefly about the strongest sides of your profile that may be relevant for a recruiter. Insert a suggestion to provide more details or discuss some points relevant to a reviewer more. Finish this cover letter with such word combinations as «Kind regards», «Best regards», «Sincerely», and similar polite phrases.


In the case of possible difficulties with crafting a workable structure, make your action plan with the important points that can sound convincing for your future reviewers.

This general cover letter text may serve as a good example for reference:


Dear Ms._______,

I am very grateful for your time and interest in my application. My highest interest in this job opening is reasoned because I have gained 7 years of experience as an advisor and have strong intent to develop my skills further while supporting international projects already. I am pretty confident that my expertise and skills can be of great use to your organization.

Previously, I researched and analyzed different finpatterns. My knowledge includes info about the major economic models, plans, dealing with marketing data, problem-solving, and other important finance-related aspects. During my work with companies, I managed to decrease the costs for production by 20-25% and increased the revenue by 15-30%. While working with any company, I always approach this case individually and develop the exact workable strategy in this course. While consulting individuals, I managed to develop strong financial plans for them.

I am attentive to the needs and feedback of clients. My attitude towards dealing with colleagues is to find a solution that can work well for all people involved in the situation. I am fond of and good at negotiations. And I will be surely glad to further boost my communication and problem-solving skills in the course of increasing performance indicators for your current and future projects.

I will be glad to answer your questions and provide extra details. Please find my resume attached for your reference.





Here is what an approximate cover letter sample should be. Of course, a draft should be personalized in each case taking into account the background of your case. If you are experiencing difficulties in this course, ask professional cover letter writers to assist you with crafting your perfect cover letter.

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