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The text of this letter is not specific to any job. In most cases, it only generally expands all qualifications for an HR-manager or a recruiter. After creating hundreds of CLs, our experts made a list of necessities. The content of a motivation letter has to include and expand the next information briefly:

  • motivation and the purpose of application;
  • experience and background;
  • professional skills you have;
  • accomplishments you may have;
  • aspirations and goals, you intend to achieve.

This is an approximate list of points that should be expanded in a general cover letter for a resume. It may be clarified, taking into account your particular needs. What is the most suitable approach to drafting this letter? In fact, there is no such. Instead, there are many things to consider.

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Suggestions for Writing a General Cover Letter for a Resume

For the effective writing of a general cover letter for a resume, we have the next suggestions:

  • consider those aspects of your professional pass that you want to expand in this general letter;
  • emphasize points that may indeed interest a firm that hires, like concrete results of performance for the previous employer;
  • a good example of a resume cover letter for a general type of application should emphasize core competencies and achievements that can interest any type of potential employer;
  • find on various reputable websites, like job-hunting portals, free general resume cover letter samples that will facilitate informing own drafting approach;
  • create an outline for a future letter with the principal statements to indicate;
  • structure a text properly and devote one paragraph to one point of view only;
  • think about the engaging opening sentence to interest a reviewer;
  • express all statements easily;
  • prefer short and informative sentences;
  • think about catchy phrases in a text to keep your reader interested;
  • you may use even a bullet list to emphasize those points you want to cover in a text;
  • prefer formal, polite, and friendly tone of drafting;
  • make sure your text is simple for reading by checking it with various tools that enhance the readability of a text;
  • suggest possible reviewers discussing your profile personally;
  • express your gratitude for the time spent by a reviewer and for this chance in general;
  • ensure a text is free from any kind of logical mistakes and errors;
  • check the accuracy of indicted names and contact details, especially yours.

This list of suggestions is basic and can be successfully implemented for any type of general cover letter. Still, to make your drafting easier and quicker, below, you may find an example you may take to guide yourself.

Example of a General Cover Letter for a Resume

To guide you, we have an approximate example of a general counsel cover letter for a resume you may utilize for adapting to your particular needs.

[Insert your name]

[Specify your contact details]

[Indicate the employer’s name]

[Specify the employer’s contact details]


Dear [Indicate the employer’s name],

I am grateful for this chance to apply for a [indicate a position you are applying to]. I am confident my expertise and skills can be successfully applied during the possible involvement.

While working as a general counsel at [indicate the title of a previous employer] for 2 years, I successfully completed all projects I worked on and increased my organization’s sales by approximately 15% during the previous year.

Here are the principal highlights of my profile:

  • very good analytical skills that enable to development of solutions for even complex projects;
  • ability to cope with high workloads and achieve good results while working under pressure;
  • excellent organization skills;
  • very good communication and negotiation skills;
  • excellent software proficiency;
  • ability to grasp quickly new matters.

I will be glad to discuss these and other competencies that can benefit your organization in the course of a personal meeting. Sure, I will manage to propose preliminary solutions for challenges your firm can face at the moment. That can be a great chance for my professional growth. So, I will do my best to ensure getting the necessary results.

Thank you for this consideration.

Kind regards,

[Insert your name]

We hope this example of a general cover letter for a resume will bring more clarity to your drafting process. Still, if you experience difficulties with that, you may reach professional writers for getting quick help.

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