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Laboratory assistant is an extremely important position for every research conducted in the scientific or medical field. Without such qualified and trained experts, it is impossible to imagine that the scientific project will be successfully completed. To apply for such a position, a person should have an associate degree in one of the following fields, either in biotechnology or biology, and specify it in the resume cover letter for lab assistant position. Sometimes, recruiters are searching for candidates specializing in a specific med field to provide needed assistance during blood studying or something like this.

Such a candidate needs to have specific knowledge of some testing procedures as well as knowing the equipment functionality and other tools. That’s why it is highly recommended to mention these skills in your lab assistant resume cover letter.

If you need specific tips on how to write the best laboratory technician resume cover letter, there is lots of information online, and you will easily find it just with one click. Here we decided to help practically every future candidate with a real example of such kind of text.

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Sample Of The Resume Cover Letter For Lab Assistants

Name of applicant:







Name of Hiring Manager:




Subject: Application for laboratory assistant position!


Dear Hiring Manager,

I was glad to find out that there is a laboratory assistant position at FMG Institution. I truly believe that my knowledge, experience, skills, and huge desire make me the best candidate for this particular position.

I am a Bachelor’s degree holder in Biotechnology from the University of California. I was an active participant in all the extracurricular activities, including Laboratory Clubs, Microbiology Society, and Science Club. Due to this kind of activity, I have learned the cooperation strategies in the team and how to lead a diverse group of individuals.

I have been working as a lab assistant for more than four years already. That’s why I have enough skills and experience to perform the duties. In addition to this, I am excellent at managing different laboratory tools and types of equipment, preparing specific samples, and analyzing.

Also, I am a certified Microbiology Lab Manager, because of my analytical thinking, attention towards details, and the ability to meet deadlines even while being under pressure.

I am sincerely thankful for your time!



Name of Applicant

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