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The cover letter is an integral and crucial element of any job application. A vacancy placement often gets the response of many dozen applications. Thus, it is critical to get distinguished. The truth is, the first impression on your potential employer means most, and it has to be positive and catchy. Your cover letter, thus, will be your first step.

The nursing resume cover letter lets you reach several targets at once:


  • Present your most persuasive arguments from the professional experience at once;
  • Express your interest and motivation to take the nursing position in that particular hospital;
  • Show yourself as a personality.

All these aspects help your application to stand apart. It evokes interest in the hiring managers and encourages them to proceed to your resume. Even the most impressive CV, unfortunately, lacks this personal aspect. It tells about you as a professional but omits many other features.

Nursing, due to the nature of this sphere, focuses on your soft skills and professional experience. You mention them in the nursing resume, but the first step is to present a cover letter.

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Interpreting the Nursing Resume Cover Letter Examples

This document has one more advantage – it is the piece that you customize according to your needs and the job requirements. It is a vast area, so you may stress different aspects of your cover letter’s knowledge and skills. For instance, you compose a new graduate nursing resume cover letter. You might not have years of experience under your belt, and you may still find other advantages in your favor and present them appropriately.

Most candidates turn to the various nursing resume cover letter examples. Indeed, you can get familiar with such samples and “borrow” elements to include in your own piece. Still, a simple reading does not bring the maximum profit. The in-depth analysis of these documents’ contents and the structure helps you master the practice and use it effectively.

Let’s consider the structure of a proper certified nursing assistant resume cover letter:


  • A proper greeting. It is essential to establish yourself as a professional at once. First, check for the name of the contact person in the vacancy description. If you have the name – address it as “Dear Mr./Mrs.” Without the name, there should be some standard greeting like “Hello” or “Dear Sirs.”
  • An insight into your intentions. Explain that you write to express interest in the position, and name the occupation correctly. Also, note the source where you learned about the vacancy.
  • Your professional background. Start the central part with information about your experience in the field. It is crucial to mention only relevant information. Your excellent qualification must be in focus. Point out your education, certificates, professional programs, and achievements. Note that you should relate them to the job position you are applying to. Everything you mention must be evidence that you are the best-prepared candidate.
  • Soft skills. Nursing demands that the candidate must possess particular qualities. Besides the professional knowledge, you have to prove that you own a lot of empathy and patience to work with patients and support them. It would be excellent to include some relevant fact that also differs you from other candidates. Of course, it should be consistent as well. For instance, you speak different languages. Mention that when you apply to a nursing position in a hospital, you are likely to deal with non-English speaking patients.
  • Your arguments. Explain again why you think that you are a perfect fit for the position. Provide your motivation to work in the nursing field in that particular hospital, and tell how it will benefit from hiring you. Express your enthusiasm about the role and include a call to action. For instance, it can be the traditional “looking forward to hearing from you.” End your application with a professional signature.

Now when we’ve “deciphered” the document, you can use the nursing assistant resume cover letter samples. Check them and see how they match this template. After that, you can proceed to write your own application for the job.

Work Out an Example Nursing Resume Cover Letter

The technical progress made the task simpler. There are lots of services where you can try a nursing resume cover letter template. With its help, you make an accurate and professionally-looking document.

Still, generators and automated templates are better for the CV documents. The cover letter is personalized work. It is different for the example nursing resume cover letter – we have plenty of them on our website. Then, you can create your own template for an excellent application.

Note the following tips as well:


  • Research your “target.” If you apply for a particular hospital, learn about its culture and values. If possible, refer to some employees there and check for any specific demands. Then, consider your piece of text, as you should show present yourself as a person who matches the corporate culture;
  • Study the position attentively. For instance, you are writing the chief nursing officer resume cover letter. Learn the requirements for that occupation in a particular hospital. It might look for some specific qualities in the candidates. Thus, it would be a good idea to stress them at once;
  • Proofread the text. Whether it is a nursing instructor resume cover letter or you consider any other position, the application must be flawless. There must not be any grammar or spelling errors. Also, note the writing style in general – it has to be vivid and catchy. Read that letter to some person you trust and ask for the feedback.

Remember, an excellent cover letter may not guarantee you the desired position, but it definitely increases your chances.

We Help You With a Cover Letter for Resume Nursing Assistant

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